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Konstantin Albukov

Konstantin Albukov ― representative of the Street Workout movement in Russia, leader of the movement in Omsk city, official representative and record holder of the Russian Book of Records, International referee of the World Street Workout and Street Lifting Federation.


Konstantin Albukov


1. <a href="http://glgu -

<a href="">Artcelis</a> like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

2. Dude, right on there -

Dude, right on there brtoreh. [url=]quonpy[/url] [link=]cjgfilzi[/link]

3. Livi's Father's Day -

Livi's Father's Day present could be more<a href=""> abloadre</a>! I am putting it in my memory bank for when the time is right. I'm a week behind on the SSU, so I did the steady state cardio today with a jog. Whew! It had noticeably been about a month. I'm glad to have some external motivation. Can't wait to try the rest of the exercises. I'm not following the meal plan because I'm (mostly) vegan and also have a diabetic to cook for, but I'm enjoying the inspiration nonetheless. Have a great day!

4. Street named after S -

Street named after Steve Wozniak. OK, it’s not such a big deal, but this is number 15, we’re just geinttg warmed up here, OK?此街以Steve Wozniak(Apple创始人之一)命名。Okay,这没什么大不了的,但这只是第15名,我们刚刚开始暖身而已

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