Two Workout legends together! Hannibal For King and Denis Minin

Two Workout legends together! They have met for one mission. To promote the healthy lifestyle more active and got the new results, the new tops!

World Street Workout Championship!

 In the process of preparation to the most grand event of the whole workout history! We are ready to the World Street Workout Championship! 
The biggest event of the year! The most famous stars are coming to Astana for WSWC2014!!! I can't wait to see all my friends and to have a workout with them! See you guys in 2 days!!! Prepare! Just imagine! The most awaited day of 2014 year! The President and Prime-Minister of Republic Kazakhstan will visit our championship! I wait for all of you to be present there! December 1! The World Street Workout Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan!
We are all who make a history! This year we organize the biggest event in Workout community! We organize the World Championship with participants from over than 75 countries! Amazing day is coming..

Ганнибал и Минин



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