The results in 2014 of World Street Workout and Streetlifting Federation and the plans for 2015

The World Street Workout and Streetlifting Federation had organized the great amount of Street Workout events in 2014.

- Healthy Lifestyle tours with Festivals and Championship in Europe and Asia.

- Start Up of project Street Workout PRO.

- The World Street Workout Championship "WSWC 2014" in Astana city with participants from 75 countries.

- The International Festival of Street Culture "Banana Street Connection" in Turkey.

- The marathons and championships for the Healthy Lifestyle in different regions.

 World Street Workout and Streetlifting Federation

The plans of World Street Workout and Streetlifting Federation for 2015:

 1. Mix Battle Fest — the festival of uniting of different sport activities.

2. The National Championships in every country to deciding for the best athlete.

3. Workout Fest - The international Healthy Lifestyle Festival.

4. World Street Workout Championship 2015.

5. Strong Workout Cup 2015 — the championship of Streetlifting and setting the records:

- one arm pull-ups

- handstand push-ups

- human flag fixation

- human flag pushups

- front lever fixation

- planche fixation

- front lever push-ups

- muscle up on two hands on the bar

- pull ups + 32kg

- dips + 48 kg.

6. WSWSF tour.

7. Seminars:

- The conception of Healthy Lifestyle.

- The creating of national federations.

- Share of experience.

- Sport and social management.

8. World Street Workout Awards — the national and international awards in SW field.

8.1 The nomination will be held by national federations in every country. The Final will be held by authors and founders of the idea (the Formed idea in November 2014) — Street Workout Awards by federation Street Workout Armenia in face of Kazar Akopyan and Artur Haratyunyan.

9. The building of Workout PRO parks.

10. Creating of coaching system for Street Workout communicating with specialists in physiology and medicine. Creating of University and innovations.

10.1. Creating and opening of Workout Academy centers in every country.


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