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Message from Chairman of Kazakhstan «STREET WORKOUT and STREET LIFTING» Federation

Dear athletes!

My team and personally I want to declare about the most grand event of all this years. We want to declare about organizing The World Street Workout Championship. It is gonna be the most huge, true event! The main it is meeting for uniting all the countries! This Championship is created for unifying of people and athletes of all countries, teams unity and rallying of participants!

Ислам Бадургов

Exactly at this Championship you will see the strongest athletes. You will see world stars of different sport types. You will see Kazakhstan`s movie stars and others!

We proud of developing Street Workout movement in Kazakhstan. It goes in huge rate and this event will give new breakthrough for popularizing of health and sport not only in our Republic, but in every place of our World!

Also we want to thank everybody who support and help us. Once again I`m convinced WE ARE FAMILY! We are International family!

World Street Workout Championship 2014

On September 27th the capital of Kazakhstan Republic - Astana city. Representers of International Street Workout movement, the guests of honor, judges of International class and also, dear friends.. the man, whom all the world what to see in reality!

The Championship is organizing by Bar-Bars team, Street Workout PRO, Street Workout and Streetlifting Federation KZ with support of Kazakhstan`s Republic Agency of Sport and Calisthenics activity.

More details:

World Street Workout Championship 2014  World Street Workout Championship 2014


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12448. Гороскоп от Камилла, на неделю с 23 по 29 января 2017 года -

Гороскоп от Камилла, на неделю с 23 по 29 января 2017 года
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Источник: Гороскоп от Каммила

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